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Anonymous asked: can you say if this is legit BC quote? (found on BC tag) " *Benedict on how characters effect him* Benedict: I do feel slightly stronger when i'm on a wire punching the shit out of people*crowd laughs*Benedict: I walk into the club and i'm just like "yeahhhhhh"*crowd laughs*Benedict: And you fuckers go "awwww" "



"I do feel slightly more invincible when I leap around on a wire, punching the shit out of people. I’m like 'Yeeaaah, I'm strong. I can do this.'. I sort of walk into the club going like ‘YEEAHHHHH’.” *audience laughs* “And you fuckers go *high pitched* 'AWWWWWW'.”

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Anonymous asked: Do you remember a quote by Benedict about not believing everything you read in the press?


from OZCon or generally?

talking about the press at OZCon specifically here

on misrepresentation by the Guardian

other than that, I think it is pretty self-explanatory, even without a direct quote from Benedict, to not believe everything you read/hear in the press.